The recreation industry in Australia is stronger than ever and GCI’s growing involvement in the camping, caravan and off-road market is a testament to the precision components we manufacture.

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We manufacture small components right through to complete rolling chassis and assembled camper trailer kitchens. The GCI group are able to service this market with cost-effective solutions such as RHS laser cutting for chassis & robotic stainless steel fabrication for drawers and kitchen assembly’s. One upcoming high-end camper trailer client we are proud to work with is Condamine Campers


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We have also worked with well-established camper trailer & caravan company’s to evolve their product. We strive to create solutions that can make the job easier for our clients, examples of this have resulted in increased laser cutting and CNC folding to reduce the amount of fabrication required. Our new dedicated tube laser is a fantastic tool for evolving the manufacturing process of assemblies, it means our clients can work smarter not harder! 

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