The construction and infrastructure sector demands precision metal components built to specification and delivered on time. The GCI group combines decades of experience with purpose-built project management software to ensure we meet deadlines.

Further to this, the dedicated quality management systems in house ensure each individual component of every project is built to our client’s specifications.

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Our in house capability of 3D CAD modelling, Laser cutting, tubular laser cutting (rotary laser cutting), CNC bending, fabrication and powder coating provide the services required for the construction and infrastructure sector. With this in-house capability, we have manufactured a wide range of small metal components such as brackets, right through to complex assembly’s.

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Examples of previous and ongoing projects:

  • Architectural screens
  • Decorative screens
  • Complete building architectural façade
  • Louver screens
  • Structural brackets
  • Structural assembly’s
  • Structural laser cut angle
  • Structural laser cut RHS
  • Laser cut extrusion
  • Fencing & gate products
  • Screw piers
  • CNG (compressed natural gas) infrastructure

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The recent addition of the Trumpf trulaser tube 7000  has allowed the GCI group to propose a new way of manufacturing components for our clients. For example where a drawing would specify a part that is laser cut & folded, we can simply laser cut the component from a product such as RHS, SHS, tube, extrusion, angle or pfc. This 6 axis laser cutting machine allows us to provide a more cost effective solution through a more innovative manufacturing process.

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