When the GCI Group opened their doors on the gold coast for the first time over 14 years ago, our stated goal was to offer the best laser cutting service available. Bar none.

Our finished products and legion of delighted clients are proof that we have done a great job of achieving this goal.

Today, dedicated laser cutting remains central to our ability to deliver cutting edge solutions to your fabrication and manufacturing processes .

 T 4060

The super-precise nature of our state-of-the-art lasers enables us to accurately cut virtually any shape or any sized component regardless of how complex it may initially appear. It all comes down to experience, innovation, and the ability to see the big picture.

We have two in house laser departments, the first being 2D laser cutting of flat sheet. The second being our dedicated tube laser, capable of the following in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium:

  • Tube Laser cutting
  • RHS laser cutting
  • SHS Laser cutting
  • Angle Laser cutting
  • PFC Laser cutting
  • Extrusion Laser cutting

T 5044

This dedicated 6 axis laser cutting machine also has the ability to countersink holes, bevel cut, weld prep & more!

The GCI group started out servicing the gold coast primarily for laser cutting, as the company grew we found ourselves providing laser cutting services to Brisbane based clients and beyond. GCI’s new location in the northern end of Yatala is perfect for easy access to clients from Brisbane, gold coast and inland to Toowoomba. Being so close to major motorways, rail and port facilities we are also capable of supplying large volume national laser cutting contracts.

We believe that pre-production planning is just as important as post-production finessing. If parts fit together seamlessly, then even the most complex welding operations become a whole lot easier.

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