The industrial market sector is as diverse as they come, spanning from food processing plants to full scale refinery’s.  This is where GCI’s wide range of services becomes part of the solution for our clients. We often partner with our clients to assist in design and modelling of assemblies prior to manufacturing, our team of design engineers are the perfect addition to any business needing to go from concept to reality.

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We believe that we are successful in the industrial market segment because we can provide an end to end solution for clients, where we provide design, laser cutting, CNC folding, fabrication, machining, powder coating, galvanising and more. The impact for our clients is being able to place an order with one supplier rather than coordinating the outsourcing to several different suppliers. 

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 Examples of the recent projects in this market:

  • Concrete moulds
  • Large scale Screw pier’s
  • Refinery components
  • Food processing components
  • Custom stillage’s & trolleys
  • Robotic welding cell’s
  • Materials handling & conveyor equipment
  • Waste industry components (bins, skips and associated handing equipment)
  • Handrails

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The recent addition  of the Trumpf trulaser tube 7000 has allowed the GCI group to propose a new way of manufacturing components for our clients. For example where a drawing would specify a part that is laser cut & folded, we can simply laser cut the component from a product such as RHS, SHS, tube, extrusion, angle and pfc. This 6 axis laser cutting machine allows us to provide a more cost effective solution through a more innovative manufacturing process.

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