The GCI group employ a team of skilled sheet metal workers and boilermakers. This allows the GCI group to accomplish a wide variety of welding jobs from thin sheet metal to heavy plate in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

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GCI also utilities the latest technology in robotic welding, capable of fast set up times and excellent weld repeat-ability and quality.

For GCI clients this means a reduction in manufacturing time and cost savings which can be passed on to our clients.

This modern robotic weld cell is perfect for repetitive work or high volume components.

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Because of the cell design, we could focus it's capabilities to meet specifications that would work well with our existing repeat weld products and maximise it's potential for future projects and clients.

This included giving the cell two weld stations so that it could enable loading and unloading of components while keeping the robot welding which ultimately maximises overall efficiency. 


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BVCI Mould 4090

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