We can cater for almost any coating required including painting, galvanising, electroplating and more. 

Our in-house facilities offering blasting and painting complement our other manufacturing processes, meaning our clients have an end-to-end manufacturing solution.







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In House Abrasive Blasting and Painting

Our facility includes Sand and Garnet blasting booths to ensure optimal substrate preparation of mild and stainless steel prior to commencement, a vital part of our process that underpins the quality of a GCI finish.

Garnet blasting is typically used where added protection is required for metal products that may be exposed to corrosive chemicals, water, temperature variations or elements.

These booths enable our team to prep a wider range of components – from the smaller metal fixings to large fabricated structures.

When open to the elements aluminium undergoes oxidation, which forms a thin layer of aluminium oxide on its surface. As such aluminium requires rigorous cleaning prior to Powder Coating to ensure effective coverage and bonding.

For the best preparation of aluminium at GCI, we have also installed Acid & Chromate tanks to ensure that all aluminium components are thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the optimum painting result. 

In-House Powder Coating 

For a durable and lasting quality finish in gloss, matte and satin we insist on using the Dulux and Interpon range of Powder Coating materials, which also gives our clients access to a huge range of colours.

Within our facility, we have installed an industrial-sized fan forced baking oven to cater for most powder coating requirements.

As with all our work, we stand by our Powder Coat finishes.


GCI is committed to the protection of our employees, customers, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Recent studies have shown the chemical TGIC (Triglycidylisocyanurate)to be a known Genotoxin hence you can be assured that only TGIC-free powders are used in any of our powder coating processes.


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