• Metal Component Manufacturing SE QLD & North NSW

    When you need Precision Metal Component Manufacturing in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast, call the GCI Group. There’s a fine art to being a trusted specialist in your field, yet also having the skills and resources to offer a full range of solutions and services. GCI Group has the rare distinction of being both, a dedicated specialist and a proven all-rounder. We have achieved this high level of proficiency over many years of purposeful skills development and resource acquisition.

    Forging our name from precision laser cutting – a skillset that proudly remains our foremost claim to fame – GCI Group have evolved to the point where we can now confidently boast of being a true ‘one stop’ metal manufacturing solution shop.

  • Metal Bending, Welding, Powder Coating Services

    Be it bending or welding, steel or alloy, commercial or industrial applications, small or large production runs, a straightforward task or a logistical nightmare requiring our most innovative problem solving capabilities, we can provide you with cutting edge solutions for all your projects. We would love the opportunity to prove this to you.

    We offer comprehensive, precise, metal fabrication services to clients from a wide area of SE QLD & Northern NSW including (but not limited to) Brisbane, Toowoomba, Roma, Dalby, Gold Coast and as far South as Coffs Harbour.

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