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Posted On 25 Aug 2017

The GCI Group is proud to announce that we now have additional ISO certifications:

ISO 14001:2015

 Achieving the environmental management systems certification demonstrates the GCI Group are aware of the potential impact we can have on the environment, and we strive to reduce our impact whilst conducting our day to day business such as laser cutting & fabrication.

Here at the GCI group one of our core values is to have zero negative impact on the environment. 

OHSAS 18001:2007

 The Occupational health and safety management system is a demonstration of the GCI Groups awareness and proactive strategy regarding our working environment and all people connected to our working environment. This also directly aligns with the GCI group's zero impact values: We strive to have zero negative impact on the community, environment, clients and our people.

ISO 9001:2015

 The GCI group have been certified to ISO 9001 for many years now, we have simply updated this certification to the new 2015 requirements. This quality management system is fundamental to the success of our day to day operations here at the GCI group.


Obtaining certification in the above mentioned ISO standards serves two important purposes for the GCI group:

The first purpose being that with these systems in place we can better control the quality of product that's delivered to our clients. For example, when a client in Brisbane, the Gold coast or anywhere in Australia requires laser cutting, fabrication and more. They can rest assured that the items will be manufactured to the exact specification required due to the systems we have in place.

The second purpose is for the ability to perform work for tier one clients within the mining, construction, defence and aviation sectors. These market segments often demand suppliers that have up to date certification across quality management, environmental, health and safety systems.


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IMG 2933
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