Why we do what we do?

We believe in challenging the status quo around Australian manufacturing, we believe that Australian manufacturing has a place in the global market and we are committed to growing this industry.

How we do what we do?

By bringing a new level of professionalism to the industry, we have a commitment to manufacturing precision components and committing to a firm completion date. We invest in dedicated people to operate the latest manufacturing technology. Every day we strive to improve how we do business.

What we do?

Manufacture precision components from singular parts to large complex assemblies to the highest possible quality for clients across Australia. We are proud that many of the items we manufacture are exported across the globe or make up parts of trucks, cars and buses on Australian roads. 

Company History

1 Aug 2003 First Laser2

First CNC Laser

This is where it all started!, our first CNC laser cutting machine was commissioned in a small factory in Molendinar on the gold coast in August 2003.

7 Dec 2004 first trumpf machine2

First Trumpf Laser

GC Laser cutting celebrated its first birthday with the purchase of its first brand new Trumpf CNC Laser machine. This was the start of what is today a strong relationship between the German manufacturer Trumpf and the Australian agent Headland Machinery!

10 Jan 2007 lahrs rd

99 Lahrs Road, Ormeau

Business growth resulted in a need for more space, this upgrade to a new 2500m2 facility also meant we could offer new services to our clients!

25 Jan 2007 new 3030 roto 2

Second Trumpf Machine: 3030 Rotary Laser

Expanding into a larger factory allowed us to commission our second trumpf machine. This was a real step change in capabilities, allowing GCI to laser cut tube, RHS, SHS and more!

5 Jan 2008 first press

First Trumpf CNC Press Brake

Another expansion of capabilities, the first CNC press brake was installed and completed the first client job January 2008

15 Apr 2008 new 3030 flat2

New Trumpf 3030 laser

Third new Trumpf laser installed to cater for business growth, a Trulaser 3030

11 Sep 2008 103 Lahrs rd

103 Lahrs road, Ormeau

Expansion into this facility allowed the growth and addition of new services such as Fabrication & General Machining.

20 Jan 2009 cnc bandsaw

CNC Band-saw

Business growth demanded more in house capabilities, the addition of the first CNC band-saw provided solutions to our clients problems.

10 Feb 2010 WS 0944

New Trumpf 5030 Laser

Additional laser to cater for business growth and expand the capabilities offered to our clients, this is the 4th new Trumpf Laser!

19 Jun 2010 second press

2nd Trumpf press brake

An additional CNC press brake added to our capability

10 Mar 2012 95 Lahrs road

95 Lahrs road, Ormeau

Expansion into a new facility at 95 Lahrs road Ormeau, allowed GCI to Launch its Coatings department with in house powder coating.

17 Feb 2013 3rd press

3rd Trumpf Press Brake

The continual expansion & growth of GCI has resulted in an additional Trumpf press brake, with this third addition we have significantly increased our capacity in the department

1 Oct 2014 MG 2881

47 Business Street Yatala

The move into a purpose built facility (6500M2), has allowed GCI to bring all services under one roof and cater for further business growth. 

22 Apr 2015 robot cell

Robotic Welding Cell

This investment set out to cater for repetitive welding jobs and ensure GCI continue providing competitive solutions for its clients.

15 Dec 2015 4th press2

4th Trumpf Press Brake

The continual expansion & growth of GCI has resulted in an additional Trumpf press brake, with this fourth addition we have significantly increased our capacity in the department

14 Oct 2016 new tube laser trumpf

New Trumpf TruTube 7000 Laser!

GCI's 9th new Trumpf Machine! This new 6 axis laser has led to GCI providing the most efficient solutions to our clients

18 Dec 2017 IMG 6205

5th Trumpf Press Brake

To Cater for business growth in 2018 & beyond, GCI install a fifth Trumpf press brake. 

18 Dec 2017 8KW fibre laser

New 8KW Trumpf Fibre Laser

GCI now operate 5x Trumpf Lasers & this state of the art machine greatly increases efficiency & productivity in our laser cutting department.

1 Jun 2018 STOPA sheetmetal storage

STOPA Sheet Metal Automation

This automation is a laser cutting game changer, combined with our 5x Trumpf Lasers this means the GCI group boasts the largest laser cutting capacity in QLD.